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Best Keto Black Friday Deals in 2022

You might just have the best savings this year by taking advantage of keto Black Friday deals. See what Perfect Keto and other brands have to offer.

Is Eating Meat Bad for The Planet?

Many think the environmental impact of eating meat is killing the planet. But what are the facts behind meat products, fossil fuel usage, animal methane, waste, and more? Get the facts behind meat and the environment and choose for yourself.

Are the New Halo Top Ice Cream Flavors Healthy?

Last week Halo Top announced seven new flavors that will be launching as the first in their new “keto series” line of ice cream. But how do these ice creams measure up? And are they truly keto-friendly? Read on to learn more.  Trying to find store-bought keto-friendly desserts can be tricky, but the popular low-calorie ice cream company Halo Top is on the case.

Game Changers Movie Review: Fact vs. Fiction

The Game Changers movie is a new film about plant-based eating, protein, and strength. This article looks at fact vs. fiction when it comes to meat, protein, and performance.

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